When you partner with SMF, you get proven FHA expertise, combined with technical proficiency, personalized service, and a can-do, make-it-happen approach. We also deliver financing solutions that go far beyond the scope of tax-exempt offerings.

FHA Insured Loans

FHA-insured loans are offered through the Federal Housing Administration, which is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These loans are an excellent source of affordable capital, offering very attractive terms. They are non-recourse, with fixed rates of interest and fully amortizing terms of up to 40 years. FHA loans also offer a high loan-to-value ratio, generally ranging from 80% to 90%. Further, while other financing sources exhibit varying degrees of staying power in the market, FHA-insured loan programs remain constant.

Lean programs for healthcare
Need capital for a skilled nursing, assisted living, specialized use, or hospital facility? SMF will help you find the FHA-insured program that makes sense for your project.

MAP programs for housing
Whether your project qualifies for Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) or alternative financing, SMF can help you to quickly access affordable capital at very attractive terms.

Non-FHA financing solutions available through SMF

As a subsidiary of an investment banking firm with a long history of tax-exempt bond and taxable financing, we have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to successfully structure non-FHA insured deals. Working with us results in a more coordinated transaction that costs you less and takes less time to complete.

HUD Plus

Offered exclusively through SMF and our parent company, HJ Sims, HUD Plus is a program that provides structured secondary financing for healthcare facilities.